3 thoughts on “Salt Tiles, Bricks, Blocks Construction

  1. I would like to know what type of adhesive is used for the irregular shaped salt boulders onto the wall. Are the boulders flat on one side but natural shaped on the other, I’m not interested in tiles or bricks only natural shaped salt boulders. The adhesive should be a LOW VOC type of adhesive with a cure time of 24 hours if possible.

  2. Hi there. Came across your site. I’m opening a yoga studio and would like to have a few walls done in the salt.
    How much for sq ft?

    Would also like to carry different salt products for my customers to purchase.

    Thank you.

  3. we are opeating one of the largest solar ponds and producing massive os Salt as by product if I want to make Salt bricks to build complete house roofs , floor ,everything can we do that , could you please assist to communicate with know how providers .

    appreciate your help .

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