Salt Night Light

Himalayan Salt Night lights

Zeefa is now offering salt made night lights which are the best decorative item for your bedroom. All these night lights are handcrafted and tried to make the best shapes for the kid’s attraction also. These night lights are best for those who can’t sleep in dark. The bulb is fitted inside the lamp and the crafted salt piece is placed on it. These night lights are wall plugin and 360 degrees rotatable as well. Our Nightlight Salt Lamp has built-in Rotatable base so it can fit any types of a plug with Manual ON/OFF switch. The best thing is that these salt lamps can help to promote better sleep.

We do make custom shapes and designs according to given diagrams, not every design is possible to Craft on the Rock Salt, but we can try to make one of your choices. Nightlights are made in almost all shapes only the size and especially the weight is reduced which make the lamp most beautiful.
Colors: Reddish Orange, Light Orange , white salt & gray salt
Packing: shrink wrapping on each lamp, 3 ply inner, 7 ply master cartoons custom printing is also avilable.

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