Question: What is salt lamp?

Answer: Himalayan salt lamps are decorative lights you can purchase for your bed room, TV lounge etc. They are carved out of pink Himalayan salt and believed to have lots of health benefits. In fact, Himalayan salt lamps can clean the air in your home, soothe allergies, boost your mood and help you sleep.

Question: What are the benefits of salt lamps?

Answer: Following are some benefits of salt lamps:

  • Balance Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify Air.
  • Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma.
  • Alleviate Coughing and Other Symptoms of the Common Cold.
  • Boost Blood Flow.
  • Raise Energy Levels.
  • Sharpen Concentration and Performance.
  • Enhance Mood. etc.

Question: Are salt lamps safe?

Answer: There does not seem to be any research into the safety of salt lamps. They appear to be safe to use overall. However, it is a good idea to keep salt lamps out of reach of children.

Question: How do you take care of salt lamps?

Answer: When it gets dusty, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface, but make sure it isn’t overly wet. When there is rainy season or the areas where the humidity level is more than 70%, you need to keep the lamp lit most of the time so that the salt lamp don’t left the absorbed water.

Question: How do you make salt bricks?

Answer: Salt brick is made with raw salt blocks mined from salt mines located in different locations of Pakistan. An expert cutter man cuts the raw blocks in required dimensions to be used for wall construction purpose.

Question: What are the benefits of a salt room?

Answer:  Following are the benefits of salt room:

  • Ease smoking-related symptoms, such as a cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing.
  • Treat depression and anxiety.
  • Cure some skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Question: Can salt therapy be harmful?

Answer: Since salt therapy is 100% natural and drug-free it is not harmful to most. There are conditions that should not be treated with salt therapy. Conditions that should not be treated with salt therapy are: infections that are later accompanied by a fever.

Question: How do I know if my Himalayan salt lamp is real?

Answer: If you salt lamp is genuine, then it will absorb all the moisture around, start sweating and shrinking overtime. Himalayan salt lamps should be kept in dry areas. You could test it by rubbing the lamp with wet cloth. The lamp should start weeping and look smooth.

Question: What does a Himalayan salt plate do?

Answer: Himalayan salt blocks can be used to prepare and serve a variety of foods. As they conduct heat efficiently and at high temperatures, they’re ideal for baking or grilling meats, poultry, eggs, fish, seafood, fresh fruit, and vegetables. They can even be used to bake cookies, scones, pizzas, and other baked goods.

Question: How big should a Himalayan salt lamp be?

Answer: salt lamp must be according to size of rooms, e.g. if size of room is 10 x 10 feet to 12 x 12 feet salt lamp should weigh 7-8 lbs. To find your ideal salt lamp size, simply follow the increments established above. Every additional 2-foot square space in your living space will typically require an extra pound of rock salt lamp. For commercial spaces of that has a size of about 30 x 30 square feet, it is ideal to have rock salt weighing about 40 to 50 pounds.

Question: Does the size of the Himalayan salt lamp matter?

Answer: The size of the salt crystal directly affects the effectiveness of the lamp. Generally speaking, the larger the lamp, the more radiant it is, and the more negative ions it produces, and the more water it draws in. Therefore choosing a salt lamp big enough for the room around it, is essential.

Question: Should I leave my Himalayan salt lamp on all the time?

Answer: We recommend that your Himalayan Salt Lamp is left on all day so that the salt can warm up and which will emit the negative ions.

Question: Where do you place a Himalayan salt lamp?

Answer: We can place salt lamp on following places:


A great place to put Himalayan salt lamp is on a coffee table next to the chair where you watch TV or near the computer. It helps to reduce electromagnetic pollution that electronic equipment generate and prevent fatigue. and produce a soft, soothing pink glow.


You can install a salt lamp in your home office or any other office. It will help to clean the air and expose you to negative ions.


Install a Himalayan salt lamp in the massage rooms as they bring light therapy and halotherapy. One or two crystal salt lamps in your massage room will create a soothing, relaxing and refreshing environment.


Place a salt crystal lamp in your practice room or treatment room will help activate the calming process and create a serene environment.


One or two salt crystal lamps in the waiting room will create a peaceful and comforting atmosphere, that will help the passengers to sit calmly for hours.


You can put a Himalayan salt lamp in a children’s room because it is an excellent night light.


Also, put a salt lamp in a smoking room as they clean the air.

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