Salt Bricks Tiles

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ROCK SALT TILES AND BRICKS can be used to build Salt Cave for Speleotherapy, spa, gyms and yoga rooms and to decorate receptions and fireplaces as well. A salt brick may be placed in front of a wick, lamp or any other source of light. The salt becomes warm and irradiates a pleasant light thus providing ionizing and colour therapy effects at the same time. A brick may be placed on top of the radiator or heater or clay stove when the heating season begins. These Salt bricks may be used for construction purposes as well: building a wall in front of a radiator, covering stairs, floor tiling, covering certain wall surfaces, building room separation, or even a whole salt room or salt cave.
Speleotherapy means to be located in a room or area with a presence of Salt Crystal Rocks and to breathe the healthful ionized air. Speleotherapy is a natural health alternative treatment for asthma, respiratory conditions, immune system disorder and illnesses.
Tiles can be crafted as following polygonal shapes
3 side’s equal triangle, 4 side’s Equal Square, 4 side’s Equal rectangle, 5 side’s equal pentagon, 6 side’s equal hexagon OR as per demand
The mostly used tile for interior construction is 2”thick x 4” wide x 8” length. But any of your desired size can be possible.
Further sizes are stated below, all sizes are given in inches.
These sizes can also be manufactured in one side NATURAL (front side having rough texture)
Packing details:
Each tile have shrink wrapping as well as bubble wrapping
Each master carton contains 10 salt tiles
Each master carton is wrapped in pp bag and having pp strip binding.

We collect salt directly from different salt mines. Being a natural product salt bricks color cannot be 100% matching but similarity with each other is 50 – 70 percent
Color: PINK; pink salt have many shades e.g. light pink, amber pink, rose pink, dark pink reddish,


8 thoughts on “Salt Bricks Tiles

  1. Goedenavond wat is de m2 prijs van tegels 20 x 20 5 cm dik en de m2 prijs voor steenformaat en heeft u ook lijmproducten hier voor en kan het verstuurd worden
    Vr gr martijn

  2. Khewrah salt
    We are trader and manufacturers since 1985.
    Our clients are local and international and now they need salt products which are given as below in bulks.
    Please provide price and details.
    1) Salt lamp 3-5kg 400 pieces.
    2) Salt brick 20cm*10cm*2.5cm 3600 pieces.
    3) Salt brick 20cm*10cm*2.0cm 13200 pieces.
    4) Salt sand pink 3cm-5cm 5 ton.
    5) Salt sand pink 1cm-2cm 3 ton.
    6) Salt sand pink 2cm-5cm 1 ton
    7) Salt sand white 2cm-5cm 2ton
    Zahid qureshi Dir tech 0304 4424319

  3. I am interest in tile #4 and tile #6 to build a salt wall, approximately 36sq ft. Can you givery a quote for this material?
    Material cost?

    Than you

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