Himalayan salt lumps Boulders

Himalayan Salt Lumps and Boulders, Our raw salt lumps and boulders are normally excavated from salt mines weigh from 1 kg to 2 tons and sometimes more than this.
There are different natural colors of these Himalayan salt rocks which includes: Orange, pink, light pink, red, snow white and gray
Red salt lumps Boulders
Its a compact orange color lumps pic. The beauty of Himalayan salt rock is that there are various color tones. For example, orange colors have more than 12 different tons. These beautiful lumps are available in the weight range between 1 kg-300 kgs. These orange lumps are 100% food grade.

Gray Salt lumps Boulders
This is Himalayan gray colors lumps. Minerals and trace elements contents are almost the same as for other colors.

Pink Salt Lumps Boulders
These lumps are a bit harder and this what makes them suitable for almost all salt products. Big boulders are also available in this color. There are various color tones in this pink color which is the real beauty of this natural color.

White salt Lumps Boulders
Beautiful but rare, lumps in this snow white colors are not available in bigger weight. Only 2-50 kgs lumps are available in this color.