Welcome to SALT ROCK PK a project of ZEEFA Enterprises. We are manufacturer, processors and Exporters of products made up of Rock salt.

A short intro has been given about our complete product range on this page , you may contact us for a complete price list for LCL & FCL quantity.

Being a manufacturer we can deal any large quantity Lcl & fcl : LCL (loose container load) shipped by air or sea freight which may consist 500-1000 plus lamps or anything else. FCL (FULL CONTAINER LOAD) SHIPPED BY SEA FREIGHT WHICH MAY CONSIST (5,000 to 28000 plus products)

Salt Bricks Tiles

Himalayan Salt Bricks and Tiles are getting very popular to build salt cave OR decorative walls etc.
Salt tiles and bricks can be used to build Salt Cave for Speleotherapy, Spa, Gyms, Hotels, Sauna Rooms, Doctors Room, Waiting Lounge, Yoga Rooms, Decorate Receptions, Decorate Fireplaces, Decorate children OR any other room i.e. building a wall, flooring etc.

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Himalayan Rock Salt Crockery

Tableware & Drink-ware: Rock Salt plates, platters, dishes, bowls & beverages glassware. They are ideal for use as a chilled serving platter. The Blocks, plates and bowls will retain the chill for several hours, making them perfect for entertaining and outdoor parties. Our crockery can be safely heated or chilled to virtually any extreme. We have tested them from 0°F up to 900°F.

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Animal Lick

Unlike artificially made licks, these Himalayan salt licks offer numerous health advantages to animals. These are as pure as was the ocean 250 years ago. These wonderful licks were undergone through a longest natural manufacturing process spanning 250 million years. During this process, nature had added 84 precious minerals and trace elements in the right proportion, at right time and under right temperature and pressure

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Rock Salt Lamps

Salt lamps do not generate negative ions themselves. They are “hygroscopic,” which means that they attract moisture… humidity… airborne water molecules; it is a natural property of sodium chloride. Physicians and other practitioners in the exploding field of complementary medicine use our lamps for Color Therapy (chromotherapy)

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Salt Candle OR Tealight Holders

The salt candle holders are carefully crafted by hand to retain the unique, beautiful and natural shape of the rock. The result is a rare crystal with such beautiful colors ranging from off-white to apricot and warm pink. We have a huge collection of “Rock Salt Candle Holders” in different design & styles which can be found on our following product pages.

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SPA, Bath And Massage Salt

Bathing salts, soap bars, natural crystal rock chunks, salt massage stones and deodorant aid in nourishing our skin, moisturizing, stimulating circulation and absorb the minerals from our skin. The natural crystal rock salt soap bars when used, penetrates and nourishes the epidermis metabolizing and giving our skin the required shine.

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Salt Inhaler Refillable

Dry salt therapy is known as speleotherapy or halotherapy. The benefits were first documented in the 1800’s when a Polish physician discovered that breathing pure, ionized air in salt mines cured respiratory conditions. Since then people have sought out the healing “salt caves” of Eastern Europe for their antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal benefits.

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Edible Salt

Pink Himalayan Edible Salt is all NATURAL and PURE. It is the purest form of salt in the world today.

Our Himalayan pink salt is mined deep under the Himalayan mountains formed over 250 million years at (Pakistan), the biggest therapeutic salt mine in the world.

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Industrial & Road Salt

Salt has more than 14,000 known uses.

So many industries. So many applications. And all simply using salt.

We have already told you that. So, believe it or not, the industry has over 13,000 applications that involve salt!

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