Manufacturers and exporters of marble handicrafts made of Green Onyx, White onyx, Light green onyx, Multi Green onyx, Banded Onyx, Black & White, Dark Green, Picture Jasper Onyx, Patch Work Onyx, Teakwood Marble, Jet Black Marble, Black Zebra Marble, Ziarat Carrara White Marble, Fossil Corel Marble, Verona beige Marble, Ocenanic Marble, Quartz Vein Marble Red Marble, Vermite Marble etc.

Pakistan is gifted with the Onyx marble deposits, which are found in mountains of Pakistan. It is a one of the unique kind of stone with beautiful colors and shades it is used to make different kinds of Handicrafts. We obtain these stones from mining process in the different locations of Pakistan, then bring them into factories in raw boulders and cut them into various sizes as per demand and cut these boulders into different shapes, rubbing and polishing is applied to give shining and smoothness to the finished handicrafts.