white salt lamps

White salt lamps with negative ions makes salt light unique which are made from Natural Salt Crystal created by nature million of years ago and hundreds of meters underground from foothills of the Himalayan, Pakistan.

The natural color of these salt crystals blends from  white to apricot and orange to warm pink. Each lamp and candle holder is carefully handcrafted, thus making it unique and one of a kind. Our Salt Lamps are hand washed and sun-dried making them All Natural and Pure. Salt crystal naturally provide the powerful negative ions essential for our health and well-being which is severely affected these days by our hi-tech life style. Rock salt crystals and lamps effectively improve the quality of air by producing negative ions – the “vitamins of the air”. “Salt Lamps” a natural gift from the Himalayan Crystallized Salt Rocks are “Natural Air Ionizers “.

Each Rough Shape Salt Lamp displays its own unique beauty!

But we can offer any kind of carving on one side e.g. heart on natural shape, any kind of picture like dog, fish, flowers even a name carving OR as per demand.


 Natural Shape Salt Lamps Carved from purest salt lumps mined from Himalayan salt range.

 Sizes: 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 21-24, 27-30, 37-40, 43-45, 47-50, 53-55, 57-60, 63-65, 67-70, 80, 90, 100

 Colors: Red, Reddish Orange, Light Orange and white salt

 Base Polished Wood, marble and Onyx

 Cable: 110,220 volt with on off switch

 Packing: shrink wrapping on each lamp ,air bubble packing, cotton bag, 4 ply inner, 7 ply master cartoons

  Also available in Fancy, plain brown and custom Print Packaging

Example pictures

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