Salt Candle With Wood & Iron Holder

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Himalayan salt crafted candle holder with wood & iron stands. Candle holder releases healthy negative ions to cleanse and improve the quality and freshness of the air you breathe and the beautiful glow creates a romantic atmosphere of tranquility. This category contains  salt candle holder with wood and iron stand in different shapes ranging from wall sconces to six candle holder stand.

We do make custom shapes and designs according to given diagrams, not every design is possible to Craft on the Rock Salt, wood OR iron but we can try to make one of your choice. Any kind of logo or name or diagram in shape of flower or any special characters and alphabets can be carved on salt

Size: small, medium & large

Hole:1, 3, 6

Salt Colors: Red, Reddish Orange, pink and white salt

stand: Polished Wood, Iron

Packing: shrink wrapping on each salt holder, air bubble packing, 4 ply inner, 7 ply master cartoons



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