Feng Shui Salt Lamps

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 Translated in English as “wind water,” feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of improving one’s life by using the Laws of heaven (astronomy) and the Laws of earth (Geography).

When a lump of salt is heated the air is saturated with negatively charged ions, corpuscular and submolecular particles of salt, i.e. the atmosphere of the microclimate of salt mines is created). It allows recommending ion halogen generator (salt lamp) to prevent, treat and rehabilitate allergic and non-allergic diseases of broncho-pulmonary system and a host of other diseases. Fengshui basket lamps are assumed as one of the highest air purifier because the air passes between the heated chunks creating the most negative ions.

We do make custom shapes and designs according to given diagrams

Our Feng shui lamps are made up of iron, cane, rattan OR wood baskets filled with salt rock chunks. Chunks salt having pink, red, white OR transparent color. Chunks can also be replaced with following salt carved shapes according to basket size.






Stone shape

Transparent salt chunks

Words carved on cubes


 Type: salt chunk basket

 Colors: Red, Reddish Orange, Light Orange and white salt

 Basket: Polished Wood, iron, bamboo. cane and rattan

Cable: 110,220 volt with on off switch

 Packing: air sealed bags for chunks, air bubble packing, 4 ply inner, 7 ply master cartoons

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