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SaltRockPk a sister concern company of ZEEFA Enterprises we are manufacturers & worldwide exporters of Himalayan rock salt lamps, candle holders, salt chunks, grains, tiles and much more, you name it we make it. We are known as one of the largest exporters of Natural Salt products. Industry quality control procedures are ensured from salt extraction from mines. We have exported our products around the world and are famous for its quality, commitment, designs and styles of salt products & fair business dealings. Due to our customer’s oriented approach and professional team work we aim at satisfying the customers needs at our level best. ZEEFA Enterprises .  Is a body corporate registered as legal entity company in Pakistan & associated since its creation with Chamber of Commerce & industries, FBR and other certifications. We also have direct agreements & contracts with Pakistan government concerning with salt mines etc.

At the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in Pakistan where Salt with the broadest range of colors and natural striations that you could have imagined. From off White to Light Pink, from Peach to deep shades of Orange and even to Crimson Red, a veritable rainbow in terms of the more bland colours of Salt. The great variance in colors helps us make every Salt Lamp Creations Salt Lamp, and Salt Tea Light, a unique piece of Natural Art.

An added bonus to these coloration is that Himalayan Salt is unlike any other Salt you have ever encountered as it glimmers when hand chipped and glistens when lit from within. We pressure wash the lamps after they have been carved. This creates an almost plastic like finish to the water absorbent Salt Crystal. You will notice our lamps have a small amount of what appears as powdered Salt on the exterior. When illuminated you will be amazed at how this “residue” sparkles!

The Salt we use for Salt Lamp Creations collection comes from the mines in the Khewra, Gola Valley, Khushab and Kalabagh. These regions have been known for its high quality Salt since the times of Alexander The Great. Salt throughout history has been used for many things including as a form of trade while other mines produce the Salt used by our competitors, the mines we selected are the most prized of all. The premium price we pay for our products is reflected in the beautiful product we end up shipping to our customers.

The art of selecting the Salt for each project requires a keen eye. We employ several “Graders” whose job it is to sort through the salt and decide which pieces will be used in Natural shape lamps and for specialty carved lamps.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Can you please contact me concerning trade and wholesale information? I am building a salt spa where my current SMILEBRIGHT store is…..I will need bricks and rock for the build as well as lamps cooking stones etc to retail… thank you

    Teresa Bullock

  2. I’d like to create decorative walls, art and fireplace mantle with himalayan salt bricks in my home. Please send information on pricing and shipping. Thank you.

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